nuance-print-managementAnother project for our client Nuance Communications, the multinational B2B software provider, and one that demonstrates the reusability of a great infographic design.

Nuance’s marketing team had commissioned a research company to find out how many firms and public sector organisations were managing and tracking their printing. The survey, across the UK, France and Germany, was packed with great data – but it was too unwieldy to publish in full, and was crying out for infographic treatment.

We turned the research tome into a longform infographic, with a stylised data thief at the top, and a narrative spread over four sections that gets over the key points with data visualisations and pithy text.

Nuance were so pleased with the result they then commissioned us to create versions of the infographic in Dutch, German and French. And they also requested a PowerPoint slide deck based on the infographic, which in turn was also provided in Dutch, German and French.

Nuance’s Nirav Patel, Head of Enterprise and Government Marketing, EMEA, sent us a lovely testimonial praising our “expertise of how to make seemingly mundane subjects bold, interesting and exciting”. Thanks Nirav!

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