The Infographics Agency’s latest work to go online is a piece to support the release of the City & Guilds Happiness Index 2012.

Working with Barracuda Digital and City & Guilds, we developed longform and shortform infographics that help communicate some of the key findings and illustrate some of the most striking statistics in the report. The infographic focuses on balances of happiness between the skills-based and the professional, between the employed and self-employed, and also looks at some of the happiest careers and what about them makes people happy.

The City & Guilds Career Happiness Index 2012 offers broad insights into what people in the UK consider to be the most important factors contributing to their happiness at work.
Of the 2200 workers surveyed, gardeners and florists topped the list of happiest workers, followed by hairdressers and plumbers. Meanwhile, bankers, IT professionals and HR workers are the least happy.

You can find the City & Guilds Career Happiness Index 2012 infographic online here.

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