They like to do things a bit differently at Channel 4. And that includes presenting weather information.

Just before Christmas the channel’s first weather presenter Liam Dutton unveiled the new look. While the TV forecast is mostly standard fare (map, symbols, animated clouds and arrows signifying wind, etc.), Channel 4 Weather’s website is very different.

Instead of a traditional UK map there are 14 coloured blocks each representing a region. Click on a block and a local forecast appears, with more in-depth information if needed.

“We realise this is not geographically accurate, but in the same way the London tube map is not an accurate map of the transport system, it is clear to users how it works and represents a simple and clear concept,” says Channel 4.

The website has a few usability issues – having to scroll down on the homepage to see weather in the south is a tad fiddly – but we like the boldness of the ‘block’ approach. What do you think?

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