Welcome to The Infographics Agency, a digital design house specialising in infographics that support your marketing and communications.

The agency grew out of work we produced for a client in 2011. “The last thing I want is a 300,000 word report,” said the client. “Give me the facts and present them in a way that gets the information across quickly and succinctly.”

A series of infographics seemed the logical approach. So Graham (the words guy) turned to long-time collaborator Gareth (the pictures guru) … and a new venture was born.

We believe infographics are the perfect way of communicating ideas, data and knowledge in the digital age. They’re the perfect companion to traditional press releases and white papers, helping to spread the word via social media.

Working with clients we’ve honed a process of creating infographics that’s straightforward and time-efficient. And we’re working on some cool innovations for tablets and smartphones.

Chat with us now about your infographic requirements!

Graham and Gareth

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